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California Wine Map

The makers of the highly regarded Metro Wine Map of France have done it again.  This time they have created a Metro Wine Map of California.  The maps are done in the style of Paris metro maps, with major stops indicating wine making locations and key information about local grapes easily located.  Each region is […]

DeLong Metro Wine Map

The Drops of God, Tadashi Okimoto

The Drops of God – A Graphic Novel About Wine

I am probably hopelessly out of date with this posting, but, I’m a bit of a fuddy-duddy at times.  I’ve never seen an episode of The Wire, or The Sopranos.  I find many critically acclaimed TV shows unbearably bad…yet I can’t wait for the next episode of American Idol. Sigh. I know. Don’t start. So […]

Holiday Gift Idea for French Wine Lovers

If you have a French wine lover on your list, or if you haven’t hopped on the “drink local” bandwagon, this is the ideal gift: a wine map of french wines in the graphic style of the London Tube map.  It’s genius! The product of another San Francisco Bay Area based architect turned wine writer, […]

French Wine Map

Shameless Commerce

Now that has renewed it’s previously halted Associates Store program in California, I have reactivated my Amazon Associate Store.  You can find Great books about wine by authors like Natalie MacLean and David Darlington Cool stuff for yourself and wine lovers in you life including the items from my list of Gifts For The […]

Gifts for the Wine-o in your life

‘Tis the season for gift idea summaries!  Oh Joy!  At least I waited until after Thanksgiving. So here is my list of the best gifts for the beloved wine-o in your life.  Since most wine drinkers have strong preferences about what wines they want to drink or try, and you may not be able to […]

Shameless self promotion

Vinifera Wine Grapes Cards

I encountered these cards at an Amador County winery.  One of the people pouring the tastings got it out when I asked about the Semillon grape varietal, as I was not familiar with the Semillon grape.  (The wine they’d made from the grape was very yummy.)  Unfortunately, the winery didn’t sell the deck. A little […]