Wine Serving Temperatures

The Washington Post says what I have been saying for years: Americans drink their reds to warm and their whites too cold. Here’s a handy graphic from Scott Harvey Remember that when the rule of thumb “red wines should be served at room temperature”, there was no central heating and those castles, manor houses and […]


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Wineries In Berkeley?

Did you know that there are wineries in Berkeley? There used to be vineyards in Berkeley until the late 1970’s. The wineries in Berkeley are part of the growing urban winery movement. Wine makers in urban areas have access to top quality grapes grown throughout Northern California. They choose to make their wines in urban […]

Finally – A Use For 2 Buck Chuck!

  Apparently, rich people are bathing in red wine. *Deep sigh* To me this smacks of over the top privilege; the kind of privilege that comes with having more money than sense. It is wasteful beyond measure. Furthermore, the idea that bathing in wine has any health benefits whatsoever is pure quackery. But it does […]

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What Wine Pairs With Starburst Candy?

It is almost Halloween. Instead of wondering about how harvest is going, or what the wine makers might be doing with their grapes to make the wines better this year than they did last year, here’s a question somebody decided needed answering: What wine goes with what candy? Seriously? Is this what we’ve come to? […]

One Of The Best Wines This Year

This past Saturday, we gathered with a friend and I grabbed a bottle from our wine rack on the way out the door. I knew this was going to be a good wine, as I had favorable memories of it from the El Dorado Passport event in April. One of the best wines I've had […]

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Wine 101, David Locicero's best selling wine title. Image copyright 2013 David Locicero

Wine 101 Now Available for Kobo and iBook!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine and Wine Tasting is now available in several new distribution channels. The channel most relevant to my Bay Area readers, is iTunes for Apple’s iBook. You can check it out here. It has taken a while to get into iTunes, but […]

Wine 101 Coming to iBooks and Kobo Soon

I am finally getting around to getting my best selling book, Wine 101, formatted and submitted to iBooks and Kobo. If you don’t own an Apple phone or tablet, or don’t live in Canada, you don’t know what this means. iBooks is Apple’s ebook store, sort of the iTunes of books. Kobo is the leading […]

Wine 101, David Locicero's best selling wine title. Image copyright 2013 David Locicero

Jack London Square

What To Do? What To Do?

This is a big weekend in the Bay Area for local, urban wineries. This is the Urban Wine Xperience weekend! I posted about this event a couple of weeks ago. Well it happens on Saturday, August 2nd at Jack London Square in Oakland. BREAKING: the Urban Wine Xperience is SOLD OUT. No more advance tickets […]

Wild Fire In Gold Country

There is a wild fire along the border of El Dorado and Amador counties. Deaver Vineyards has posted some troubling images of the golden glow in the smoke visible from their tasting room. Here’s a link to a local news story. The radio report I heard says 1300 acres have been burned and 5 houses have […]

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Warning: Meme Ahead!

I generally try to keep this a “meme free zone”, but I saw this and was amused. It is both true and funny. Do you have this problem, too? Share this:Share