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3 + 1 Great Wine Blogs

I know you await my posts with a fervent desire, for which I am very appreciative. But, sometimes it is useful to get a different perspective. In the same way that travel broadens one’s mind, so too can reading outside of one’s usual comfort¬†zone. In the spirit of helping out my friends, and I do […]


This infographic, which is available as a print, is copyright 2014, Winefolly.com

Know Your Wine Styles

Do you know the 9 basic wine styles?¬†Madeline Puckett, the moving force behind one of the best wine websites, Winefolly.com has distilled pretty much everything you need to know about the basic wine styles to one helpful graphic. The accompanying post is informative and entertaining. I encourage you to visit Winefolly.com and spend some time […]