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Snob or Geek?

Forbes online edition recently published this article, Wine Snob or Wine Geek? In it they list the typical characteristics of each “type”. It is a brief humorous piece. But are those the only two options for people who like wine? Snob or Geek? Really? And it seems to me that the distinction between Snob or […]

Sweet Wines Not Just For Dessert

Jon Bonne, wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote a piece about sweet wines.  Go read it.  I’ll wait.  Done?  Good. I tend to agree with him.  Sweet wines aren’t just for dessert.  They pair nicely with many foods, not just cake, particularly the rich “feasting” type foods that come out during the […]

Three Kinds of Wine Drinkers?

The Washington Post recently postulated that there are three kinds of wine drinkers: Casual drinkers, Explorers and Aficionados.  The Casual drinker likes wine, but for them it is just a beverage.  Explorers are looking for obscure and undervalued wines.  Aficionados demand the best.  Personally, I think they left out a type: the Enthusiast…who is kind […]