Snob or Geek?

drawing (c) David Locicero, 2012

drawing (c) David Locicero, 2012

Forbes online edition recently published this article, Wine Snob or Wine Geek? In it they list the typical characteristics of each “type”. It is a brief humorous piece. But are those the only two options for people who like wine? Snob or Geek? Really?

And it seems to me that the distinction between Snob or Geek has to do with a distinction between personality types – those who like the sound of their own voice (Snobs) and those who collect knowledge for it’s own sake (Geeks). The Snob may or may not be as knowledgeable about wine as the Geek, but his or her own social insecurity means they want to impress everyone with what they know. The Geek just loves all the arcania for its own sake.

I hope that I fall more in the geeky category than the snobby.

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