Crystal Basin Cellars Cabernet Franc

A couple of days ago I made a mustard/wasabi encrusted pork roast. I wanted to serve it with a Grenache. For some reason (glug, glug), we had no Granache in the house.


CBC 2009 Cab Franc

So I rummaged around in the racks and cases of wine until I found a wine that I thought might pair well. The minute I pulled this Crystal Basin Cellars 2009 Cabernet Franc off the rack, I knew this was the wine for that meal.

I’m a Cabernet Franc fan of sorts. It is usually a wine with herbal characteristics. But the CBC 2009 Cab Franc is a nice blend of herbal, floral and gamey. That gamey quality is what I wanted to go with the mustardy pork. It was terrific.

Now I need to remedy this lack of Grenache in the house.

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