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The cover of my Wine Journal

Wine Journal Published

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Opinionated Wine Guide’s Wine Journal. The journal features blank tasting notes forms which I developed over the past few years for my own use. I am a proponent of keeping tasting notes. Over the years I have used blank books, and various wine journals. But nothing […]

A Miscellany of Wine-y Goodness

1. (Not so wine-y, nor so good) Although I have disabled all commenting on this site, I am still being barraged with attempted SPAM comments to the tune of 100+ per day. Commenting will remain turned off until I can figure out how to stop this. 2. Stage Left Cellars is open for tasting this […]

Go Niners!


Turning Off Comments

Because of an unrelenting barrage of attempted SPAM comments to photographs, I will be disabling the comment feature on this blog for the time being. If I can figure out how to block the spammers and still have comments, I’ll turn the feature back on in the future. UPDATE: I think I identified the problem. […]