So You Always Wanted to Own A Winery?

For Sale: Used WineryHey, buddy, wanna buy a winery? I got one right here.

Or so it seems.  According to the Wine Spectator there are a record number of wineries for sale or taking on new partners.

The reasons have to do with the increased competition among wineries, the sour economy, and a large group of aging wine makers looking to sell in order to retire or avoid inheritance tax problems for their kids.

I have noticed this trend myself in my travels around Gold Country in the past year.  It sometimes feels like every other winery is up for sale.  Sadly, with a few notable exceptions, the wineries for sale have been for sale for more than a year.  And while seasoned wine makers seek to get out of the business, new wineries are opening every year.

So if you’ve ever harbored the secret desire to own your own winery, now could be the time!

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