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3 + 1 Great Wine Blogs

I know you await my posts with a fervent desire, for which I am very appreciative. But, sometimes it is useful to get a different perspective. In the same way that travel broadens one’s mind, so too can reading outside of one’s usual comfort zone. In the spirit of helping out my friends, and I do […]


Displaying and Storing Your Wine

The design website recently published this feature about displaying your wine. I have to say I am of two minds about this subject. On the one hand, as a wine enthusiast who believes, and has argued before, that wine is not for collecting, but is for drinking, I was annoyed. On the other hand, […]

What Temperature to Serve Your Wine?

It is a true-ism that white wines are served chilled and red wines are served at room temperature.  But is that strictly true?  What temperature is “chilled”?  What temperature is “room temperature”? Scott Harvey recently posted to his blog on this subject.  He even provides a particularly handy chart of recommended serving temperatures for various […]

Wine Serving Temperatures

Sweet Wines Not Just For Dessert

Jon Bonne, wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote a piece about sweet wines.  Go read it.  I’ll wait.  Done?  Good. I tend to agree with him.  Sweet wines aren’t just for dessert.  They pair nicely with many foods, not just cake, particularly the rich “feasting” type foods that come out during the […]

Holiday Gift Idea for French Wine Lovers

If you have a French wine lover on your list, or if you haven’t hopped on the “drink local” bandwagon, this is the ideal gift: a wine map of french wines in the graphic style of the London Tube map.  It’s genius! The product of another San Francisco Bay Area based architect turned wine writer, […]

French Wine Map

RIP Bantam Cellars + Welcome J. Foster Mitchell

On a recent trip up to Gold Country I was shocked to see that one of my favorite small wineries was no more.  Bantam Cellars, a fun, small, family winery, associated with Karly Wines, was a welcome respite from the increasingly overly corporate and packaged wineries in Amador County.  These were real people making real […]

Judging Wines by The Labels?

Matthew Latkiewicz over at Grub Street New York, recently posted a humorous and pointed article about judging wines by their labels.  The illustration, by Jen Cotton, borrowed from their site, illustrates the basic classifications of labels he identified and some of the sub-classifications. I am not certain if he has yet identified all of the […]

wine label wheel