Wine 101 Now Available for Kobo and iBook!

Wine 101, David Locicero's best selling wine title. Image copyright 2013 David Locicero

Wine 101, David Locicero’s best selling wine title. Image copyright 2013 David Locicero

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine and Wine Tasting is now available in several new distribution channels.

The channel most relevant to my Bay Area readers, is iTunes for Apple’s iBook. You can check it out here. It has taken a while to get into iTunes, but I am happy to say that Wine 101 is finally in there. I hope to get Pour Me Another into iTunes eventually.

For readers in Canada and Europe, Kobo is the leading ebook reader. The book is also now available in the Kobo book store, as well.

If you are a user of Scribd, a subscription reading service, or Inkterra, an ebook store, the book is also available there!

Spread the word to your non-Kindle using friends, Wine 101 is probably on a platform they are using!

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