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keep-calm-and-blog-on-10I know you await my posts with a fervent desire, for which I am very appreciative. But, sometimes it is useful to get a different perspective. In the same way that travel broadens one’s mind, so too can reading outside of one’s usual comfort zone. In the spirit of helping out my friends, and I do think of you as my friends (who else would be so patient with my wine related ramblings?), I am offering up this short list of 3 + 1 other wine blogs that I like.

1 WineFolly.com

WineFolly.com is the brain child of Seattle based wine writer Madeline Puckette, the 2013 Wine Blogger of The Year. Yes, there is such a thing. Her website is a veritable treasure trove of wine related information. Her posts tend to be geared toward the beginner or intermediate wine drinker, explaining basics of wine, wine tasting, and food pairing. The beauty of the site is not only the elegance of her writing, but also the clarity of her infographics. She and her team are create absolutely gorgeous inforgraphics that are beautiful to look at and clarify complex ideas.

2 1WineDude.com

1WineDude.com is the internet home of wine writer, Joe Roberts. Joe wrote a column about wine for Playboy.com in 2012 and 2013, in addition to his other writing duties. What I like about this website is that in addition to writing about wine, he also writes about the life of a upper tier wine blogger (a life to which I can only aspire). He tastes a bit more wine than I do and posts regular mini reviews along with his longer posts. Again, this is a good website for the beginner and intermediate wine drinker.

3 WineCurmudgeon.com

WineCurmudgeon.com is Jeff Siegal another opinionated wine drinker, who writes primarily about what he unceremoniously calls “cheap wine”. As he points out, and as most of us know, we don’t drink $80 bottles of wine on a daily basis. No. We buy wine at the market or the local wine shop that cost under $20, because it’s Wednesday with the family, not a dinner party we’ve been planning for months, damn it. He writes with clarity and passion about a range of domestic and imported wines.

+1 AliceFeiring.com

AliceFeiring.com is the website, not surprisingly, for the noted wine writer Alice Feiring. She is an authority on what has been variously called the “natural wine” movement, the “slow wine” movement, the “non-interventionist wine” movement, the “minimalist wine” movement, ad nauseum. The idea behind this movement is to maintain more traditional wine making techniques with little or no chemical additives or physical manipulation of the wine. With over 500 additives approved for use in wine, but only one additive required to be noted on the label, I try to drink “natural” wines over mass market grocery store wine whenever I can. She is a Serious Writer with an academic bent, and I appreciate her deep knowledge of wine making. The reason her blog is listed as my +1 for this post is that today there seems to be an issue with her website and it wasn’t loading for me. I’m hoping this is a short term issue with her hosting service. You should read her.

Now that I’ve told you about these other great wine writers, I want to say, Don’t Leave Me! I really appreciate your coming here and reading what I have to say. My new ebook about Gold Country wines is almost finished and I am hoping that it will be available early next week. I’ll let you know!

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  • Michael Graves

    Good recommendations all! However, I do wish that WineFolly would offer their “posters” at sizes larger than 11×17″ I have the dream of some of their lovely reference art work adorning my home office, but genuine post-sized images (24×30″) would be much more appropriate.

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