Tasting Notes: Skinner 2010 Dry Diggings

I’ll come right out and say it: this is a perty darn good wine. The Skinner family has deep roots in the Sierra Foothills. The winery hit the ground running when they opened a couple years ago with some nice reds. They continue to improve with every new release.

2010 skinner dry diggings

Sharing it’s name with the original name for Placerville, this wine is emblematic of Gold Country. Dry Diggings is a bold, blended red wine. Starting with Syrah, they then added Grenach, and then just a little Petit Sirah and Mourvedre. It is a rich and complex wine with a nice lingering finish.

The wine is dry with moderate tannins. The nose is mostly berries with a hint of violet. The flavor is big and bold with a strong fruit component balanced really nicely by the tannin and acid. I like this wine a lot with grilled or stewed meats.

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